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The Hampton by Hilton at Exeter Airport

Rowallane Construction, a 3rd generation family firm with over 35 years experience, are delighted be the Main Contractor for the 40 bedroom extension to the Hampton by Hilton at Exeter Airport.

Working in conjunction with Norlin Hotels, Rowallane Construction are taking the project from start to finish and are committed to delivering Building Excellence in compliance with the BREEAM requirements.

The salient project details are as follows:

Project: 2 storey extension to existing Hampton by Hilton Hotel adjacent to Exeter Airport.

  • BREEAM Rating and target score: BREEAM ‘Very Good’
  • The key innovative and low-impact design features of the building include:
    • use of efficient air source heat pump systems
    • for every 1kW of electrical energy input, the air source heat pumps generate up to 5kW of heating and cooling energy
    • 3-pipe VRF systems allow heat recovery between heating and cooling demand zones
    • Recycling storage area erected with separately labelled disposal sections
    • Controllable, zoned lighting systems
  • Basic Building Cost - £1,542/m2
  • Services Costs - £365/m2
  • External Works - £8.33/m2
  • Gross floor area – 1260 m2
  • Total area of site – 1.069 hectares
  • Function areas – not included in this extension
  • Area of circulation – 170 m2
  • Area of storage 30 m2
  • Community Use of Building: community use areas are contained within the existing accommodation
  • Predicted electricity consumption – 33.7 kWh/m2
  • Predicted fossil fuel consumption – 259 kWh/m2
  • Predicted renewable energy generation – none provided
  • Predicted water use – 54.7 m3/bedroom/year
  • Proportion of water provided by rainwater or greywater: 0%
  • The steps taken during the construction process to reduce environmental impacts:
    • Monitoring of site energy, CO2 and water use
    • ‘Best Practice’ dust control measures
    • Contractor operates an Environmental Materials Policy
    • Contractor has prepared a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP)
  • A list of any social or economically sustainable measures achieved: Considerate Constructors scheme, ‘Exemplary’ standard target of 40 points

The Project